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Design Consultation

Company uniform is not a way of identifying your employees;
it serves as the medium of expressing your corporate identity
while functioning as an outfit that grants chic and enchanting images.
Our company uniform effectively fulfills both needs above.

For on-trend and high-end
workwear, it is crucial to consult
with experts for planning your design.

Our Attitude to Company Uniform

Our staff assists you in finding
a perfect uniform that helps achieve your desired
corporate image with the best service and sophisticated taste.
Planning your design is the first step to creating workwear; therefore,
it's important to choose a professional company that understands
your needs through systematic consulting processes.
Start to plan your design with Lune International.



We operate our own factories in South Korea to provide quality products.
Furthermore, our professional designers persistently develop various designs and study dimensional
patterns at our design studio while advising customers with their expertise and chic tastes.
We also strive to offer comfortable clothing with high-end fabric through our weaving and textile manufacturing techniques.


1. Consultation

We assist you in planning your
design for chic, quality workwear
at a reasonable price by listening to you and
understanding your needs.


2. Trend Analysis

We analyze the latest trend to find
out the best design and material
for professional and
outstanding apparel that
strengthens your corporate image.


3. Design & Quote Approval

We request your approval for the suggested
design and issued quote.


4. Pattern Making & Sampling

We make a sample with
a stable and chic pattern made
based on the approved design.


5. Final Approval

We ask you to select your desired design
amongst the given samples request your final approval.


6. Ordering Materials

We ask you to make
your decision on the selected design.


7. Manufacturing Products

Quality products are manufactured at
our factory with professional systems
and established techniques.


8. Delivery and After-Sales Support

Products are delivered on
the promised date.




Lune International offers distinctive
uniforms for every company by thoroughly
analyzing the latest trend and their corporate
identity, and by considering practicality.
Our company uniform is functional, stylish,
and comfortable, providing a better
work environment to all employees.


Support for

Our Customers

Lune International always supports your business.
Improve your corporate image
through unique work apparel. Lune International
offers a professional design consultation
based on its expertise and knowledge.


MON~FRI 10:00 ~ 18:00 / Off-time 12:00 ~ 13:00 (SAT/SUN/Holiday Closed)
bank account number : kookmin-bank | Lune International 469301-01-202005


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